Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ewarball points per frigate based on bonuses, drone bay, slots and speed

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A little while ago I talked about Ewarball, a minigame to play in EVE when bored or when you want to train your electronic warfare skills.

So far I've heard of multiple corporations/alliances (especially those located in wormholes) that they did setup an arena and played some rounds.

The biggest issue I have ran into so far is how some frigates have nice bonuses, for example towards ECM modules or a big drone bay (ECM drones are surprisingly effective against frigates).

For example, take a look at the Griffin that has a really nice bonus towards ECM modules or the Maulus, that has a bonus towards sensor damping and a very big drone bay for a frigate.

Now the yearly alliance tournament hosted by CCP has issues who are similar and for that reason, ships get points assigned and each team can use a maximum amount of these points.

The first thing to do was to gather all the important information of a ship.
So far I have figured that this includes base speed, drone bandwidth, low/mid/high modules and a bonus penalty if there are bonuses on the ship.

I've ran the numbers and came up with a spreadsheet including all frigates, rookie ships, faction frigates and the Venture. The formula I have used so far is ( ( base speed / 100 ) + ( drone bandwidth / 5 ) + highslots + midslots + lowslots ) * multiplier.

Now balancing this is far from easy, but if we look at teams that have 100 points to spend, you could do something like this:
 - Griffin (27.83)
 - Maulus (27.18)
 - Cruor (23.54)
 - 2x Ibis (10.62)

This leaves us with 0,21 remaining points, enough ships for a 5 man crew and a very strong ewar front.
On the other hand, you could also do a fleet with a bunch of Vigils (6 people + 7th in a rookie ship) that have no specific bonuses but a high base speed. Or even 'cheaper' ships and have 10 or more of them in a fleet.

It is far from perfect and I think it needs more work, but it makes it easier to limit the amount of ridiculously bonussed ships on the field. Trying to go against a fleet of 8 Griffins makes the fun stop soon.

Other ideas you can include, just like at the official alliance tournament is allowing each team to ban one or two ships from being used in that game.

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