Friday, May 23, 2014

Lootlog toolbox updated

Hi all,

A while ago I created a small and easy tool to get the current (Jita sell) value of some items and split them between multiple people (it was posted on Reddit back then).

This was mainly created as a temporary tool for our own wormhole corporation (easily calculating sleeper loot shares after a site) but has always been open source and publicly available.

Today I'd like to announce an update to the lootlog tool with the following changelog:

FIX: Numbers with thousands separators no longer mess up the amount
FIX: Lots of changes that improve performance
FIX: Lots of coding style fixes
ADD: 24 hour caching for prices to make the whole thing faster and offload the eve-marketdata API
ADD: Debug mode with timings that can be enabled by adding ?debug=true to the URL

This update is not fully compatible with the previous one since it adds an extra table to the database (see the .sql file in the git repository).

A code change history can be found here:

The full repository can be found here:

A live example can be found here:

Keep in mind that if you are doing a new installation, you'll need the eve_inv_types table from CCP's data export.

If there are any feature requests, feel free to contact me here or open an issue on github.


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